Monday, 25 July 2016

The Doctor and Me

Since I was not able to get a photo with Peter Capaldi when I worked on Doctor Who last year, I have instead drawn this picture of what a potential photoshoot with Peter, me and Derek may have looked like.

Friday, 4 March 2016


I have now managed to find some screencaps of Derek’s appearance in “The Magician’s Apprentice”.

And here he is in “The Witch’s Familiar”.

Plus, here are some shots from the end of “The Witch’s Familiar” in which I played the bronze Dalek behind the Doctor and Clara (from which I was able to take my sneaky onset photos).

A Dalek’s eye view of the above scene.

Finally, here are some screencaps from the Doctor Who Extra episode interviewing Nicholas Briggs, the voice of the Daleks.

If you look closely on the monitor in front of Nicholas here, you can see a rehearsal shot from the episode; thusly, Derek has his top removed and you can see my face (though it is something of a blur)!

This shot here was from my third day of filming, where I was in the bronze Dalek up on the stage (though he wasn't actually in shot in the final episode).

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Magazine Appearance and Links

On Thursday 12 November 2015, issue #493 of Doctor Who Magazine was released, and it featured a photo of Derek and me on page 13.

It was a nice little cherry to round off what had been a fantastic year.

For information on all the Dalek props used in the making of The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar”, including Derek, have a look at this website:

It is a fantastic resource that documents the history of every Dalek prop ever used in the entire history of Doctor Who. I cannot overstate the amount of time and effort that must have gone into the collating of this site and I would recommend any Dalek fans to check it out

Rather excitingly, since the airing of these episodes, someone has created a page for me over at the TARDIS Data Core Wikia:

And I have been added to the cast lists for The Magician’s Apprentice” and “The Witch’s Familiar.

On a side note, I also had an article published on the Doctor Who TV website, suggesting a possible theory about why we no longer see the divisive Paradigm Daleks.